Thursday, May 23, 2013

Comparison of Various Green Holo Polishes

Hey everyone! I'm actually doing a post that has nothing to do with a challenge. Yesterday I was going through my polish collection and I noticed I had a lot of green polishes that contained some type of holo goodness, so I thought "I want to show them all off!" I had five of these polishes as of yesterday, and would you believe that I just got another one in the mail today? Let me show you some pictures and then I can rant and rave about them.

Starting with the top picture, going from thumb to pinkie, we have Trustifarian (butter LONDON), Lonesome George (Cirque), Logan (Zoya), St. George (A England), and Tess D'urbervilles (A England). The bottom picture is Princess Sabra (A England) and is the polish I received today. Here they are in indoor lighting:

Sorry about the sad state of my middle finger :(

As you can see, Trustifarian, St. George, and Princess Sabra are the most holo. My favorite of these is St George just because it has such a great formula and I feel like an A England whore at this time haha (I'm up to 9!) For these swatches I used three coats of Trustifarian, Princess Sabra, and Logan (Logan can be a two coater, I just like my polishes very opaque). I used two coats for Lonesome George and Tess (Tess can be done in one coat, but again, I like them opaque as hell). St George is one coat. I never knew I liked green polishes this much, but I must since I have over six (these are just the holos). Which one is your favorite?


My dogs guarding my polish (left hand side near his head). Then he sat on it.


  1. ha! love the holos, and the bonus pic :)

    1. Thanks! And to think just a few months ago I didn't own any holo polishes.