Sunday, May 19, 2013

Untried Polish Challenge: Cheapest

Hey guys. Sorry I am late again. It's not the first time and I can't promise it'll be the last. I did a simple swatch of a fairly cheap polish I got at the clothing store New York and Co. The polish is called Mint Leaf and I got it on sale for about $2.30, making it the cheapest of my untried polishes. Here it is:

No flash

With flash

This is pretty much what you'd expect from a mint green. It took me three coats to get it to be completely opaque. I am actually really happy with the color. This is a shade I had been trying to find for a little bit, and I happened upon it by accident. All and all, it was a good polish for the price. That's really all I have to say about this polish. I am really excited to start moving into my new place and get settled so that I have more time to devote to actual nail art. Thanks for reading and be sure to check out these bloggers who are also completing this challenge with me!

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  1. Ohh I love mints, they looks so good! your nails look fantastic.

  2. I didn't know they sold polish there! I love that color though, especially for that price.

    1. It was a good sale and a nice find :)