Wednesday, August 28, 2013

4 Pretty and Polished lacquers. Which do you like best?

Before I begin this post I want to remind you to become a fan of Indie Polish Network on facebook if you aren't already. I have four new sample colors from Pretty and Polished, one of which I will have to sell once my site is open, and I want to know which one you would want the most! I have two yellows, a peach, and a shimmery nude to share with you. Pardon the hasty paint job and dry cuticles; I wish I had more time to invest in making my posts look as good as I'd like. Here are a few crude swatches for you all:

Going from left to right: A slightly holo yellow polish with a very subtle green undertone (most likely from the holo agent), a creamy yellow with a soft shimmer, a sort of nude color with shimmer, and a peachy color with a subtle blue duochrome pigment. Here are a few pictures of each nail (in the order described above):

Yellow holographic polish

Yellow polish with less holographic pigment

Nude with some shimmer. It's very sheer.

Peach with blue duochrome.

All of these, except the nude, used three coats. You could probably get away with two but I wanted it to show up better. I used four or five on the nude. So I didn't like the duochrome at first but now I love it. I wish I could show you all a better picture. I also love how creamy it is. It was my favorite formual of the four and was the easiest to apply, followed by the yellows and then the nude. Let me know what you all think!

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