Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Let's Talk Indie Polish

So recently I'v been getting into indie polishes and have been dedicating my time and money to creating an online store for selling popular and exclusive indie polish colors. So far I am working with Pretty and Polished, Shimmer Polish, Ruby White Tips, and Pahlish to get a good stock going. So far the website is not up and running, but you can visit my facebook page to get updates and see some photos as I post them. Today I have some pictures of a really simple manicure I did using Zoya's "Trixie" and Ruby White Tips' "BOO2".

For this manicure I used one thin coat of Trixie, a silver foil, and topped it with two coats of BOO2. I did the dotting with a bobby pin. I used Trixie for the dots. Here are a few pictures!

I can't tell if BOO2 would look this same way or not if I hadn't layered it over Trixie. The first coat is very sheer, so I thought layering would work well with this polish. It seems to me that it built up its opaqueness quite quickly. The effect you get with this polish reminds me a little of butter LONDON's "Knackered" but at nearly half the cost. I bought BOO2 for $8.75 USD and half of the proceeds went to helping wayward bats, hence the name. I really like this polish. 

I also want to note that I used a top coat (Seche). BOO2 dries with a slight amount of texture to it. It's so very minimal though. I don't mind textured polishes but I know some of you aren't too keen. I would recommend it. Laura (shop owner) is so nice. She sent me a hand written note thanking me for purchasing her polish. If you haven't already you should try some indie polishes!

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