Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hey all,

I made a new polish last night. I'm kind of upset at the state of my skin/cuticles but I will share it with you nonetheless. I call it "Cosmic". It's a medium blue jelly with gold, blue, and some white glitter. Here it is:

A sunny, daylight picture

A much darker, sad night picture.

I'm kind of sad that my camera doesn't quite capture the color of the polish in real life. I see a much darker blue on my hand. I guess that's what happens sometimes. Normally I would put this polish on my etsy store, but I am launching a new website soon that will sell multiple lines of indie polishes!! It's like Ninja Polish or Llarowe, except run by me! I have created a facebook page for this new business venture of mine. It's called Indie Polish Network. I will post a lot more as it gets further along. Thanks for reading!

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