Friday, April 26, 2013

Earth Week Collection Day Five: Blossom

Hello all. I am enjoying my Friday off and I hope you all have a great weekend coming up. Today is the last day of posting images of my new collection. For my final earth inspired polish I give you Blossom, a pink polish with a very subtle gold to green duochrome effect. This is the only non-metallic color in this collection; it's more of a jelly than anything else.

Here it is in the bottle in natural sunlight (obviously)

Here is a swatch in some soft, indoor light (sun filtered by a window)

As you can see, this polish is a soft pink with a more jelly like consistency. I used three coats of Blossom for this swatch. I like the formula for this polish; it's not thick but it's not too thin. It's very easy to apply and it looks great with gold, silver, grey etc. There isn't much more I have to say about this polish.

That concludes my newest line of polishes. I hope to have them up on my etsy site either tomorrow or Sunday. Be sure to check back tomorrow when I will compete another of the untried nail polish challenge. Until then, enjoy your Friday! 

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