Friday, April 12, 2013

Peacock Inspired Glitter

Hello again! Today is one of those days where all I want to do is show off my nails. I painted my nails in Zoya's Storm earlier today and used that as the basis for my galaxy nails. This left me with one hand (my dominant right hand) without any nail art. I just couldn't let it sit there without something else on it so I decided to paint my very own peacock themed glitter top coat, which I so cleverly am calling Proud Peacock, right over the holo goodness that is Storm. This is the result:

It's very hard to tell from this picture but the glitter polish actually does have tiny gold/bronze flecks in it. I absolutely love this combination, and I don't usually go for glitter (it's too much damn trouble). However, I love anything peacock related, so peacock inspired glitter is my cup of tea. I have this on sale in my etsy shop. You can find the link here. Also, don't forget to use coupon code "POLISH" at checkout for 10% (not including shipping). One last reminder: AFTER I GET 50+ SUBSCRIBERS TO MY BLOG I AM DOING A GIVEAWAY. Also, you can check out my facebook page here. Thanks for reading!

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