Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Week Polishes Day Two: Southwestern Sunset

Hello all! As promised I have the second of my five new Earth themed nail polishes to share with you today. Today I bring you a lovely purple shimmer/metallic that mirrors Deciduous Forest (shown yesterday) in formula. I also bring you a bonus Seche Vite mishap, which you will clearly be able to see. Here are three pictures for you all:
In the bottle, in a mixture of sunlight and shade

In direct sunlight with three coats

In the shade with three coats

So as we can see, sometimes Seche Vite likes to shrink nail polish. I have never had this happen to me before but I have heard many stories of the numerous beautiful manicures ruined by Seche. I decided to leave it on because sometimes shit happens (I'm not perfect in the least bit) and it kind of gave the nail a cool foil effect (although here it just kind of looks like a prune). 

As for the formula: this one is a little lighter than more of my pigmented polishes, but it builds after two to three coats. It contains only the purple pigment (no jelly dye) and it really sparkles in the sunlight. There is nothing wrong with the formula, but the polish that I'm going to show you tomorrow was made in the same fashion (the pigment is much more metallic though) and I find it to be so much more amazing. Until tomorrow take care and don't forget that tomorrow is also day two of the untried polish challenge! Thanks :)


  1. Sometimes I think that effect SV gives is cool. I love how it's an accent to the mani. Wear it proud!!

  2. Yeah I was totally okay with it. I sort of liked it!